Equine Medicine

Pacific Crest Equine offers internal medicine diagnostics, therapeutics, and intensive care management for horses of all ages and breeds.

Intensive Care

We offer 24-hour emergency and intensive care monitoring for our hospitalized patients. Our facilities include four climate-controlled and video-monitored ICU stalls. A doctor is on-site 24 hours a day to provide overnight care of all critical cases including but not limited to, neonatal intensive cases, colic management, respiratory disease, and surgical aftercare.

For our intensive care patients we have the technology to provide on site laboratory work, serial diagnostic procedures, EKG monitoring, blood gas analysis, and pulse oximetry. We also have the capabilities to administer IV fluids, fresh frozen plasma, and/or blood transfusions for life threatening conditions.

Neonatal management is available for a wide range of conditions including premature birth, sepsis, HIE, pneumonia and colic. Foals can be maintained in recumbancy on supportive mats while receiving oxygen, intravenous nutrition, and circulatory support. Once back on their feet, we are equipped to provide fluids via a foal back-pack system to maintain maternal contact during recovery.

Internal Medicine

With experienced veterinarians, advanced digital imaging, and an on-site laboratory we are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of medicine cases. Local advanced laboratory services and pathology examinations are offered through the Tulare outreach of UC Davis with fast, efficient return of results. Our veterinarians are dedicated to finding the answers necessary to treat each horses' ailment, and have professional contacts within each specialty field for advice anytime it is necessary.


Isolation of contagious cases can be managed with our large experienced personnel and modern facilities. These horses will receive the same level of expert care without risk of contamination to our patients or the remainder of your herd.


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