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Our practice is dedicated to exceptional care for the equine patient. Our doctors are “horse people” themselves and have chosen this profession out of desire and interest in improving the condition of their patients. Our doctors and animal health technicians are committed to serving the horse owner in a professional and compassionate manner. Together with our office and support staff, we strive to provide education, service, and compassion to our clients.

Our hospital offers the high quality equipment to enable our staff to give the horse owner the best diagnostic and treatment options available. All doctors and staff are highly trained in equine medical care and the successful recovery of many of our medical and emergency cases reflect the dedication of our staff. We pride ourselves in the fact that if we cannot fully attend to our patients total needs, we will help the owner get the diagnosis and treatment needed by consultation with leading experts in the field. We would like every owner to feel they were attended to by knowledgeable caregivers, their horses received the highest quality care available, and that services were delivered in a friendly and compassionate manner.

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