Since 2006 Pacific Crest Equine has offered an internship program in general equine practice.  We feel that our program offers new veterinarians a solid skill level and knowledge base as well as confidence in all aspects of practice. After a variable “mentoring” period, interns take ambulatory calls independently, assist in surgery and anesthesia, and become the primary veterinarian on medical, sports medicine and outpatient cases. Although a senior clinician is available at all times for consultation, we encourage interns to test their veterinary knowledge and to develop their client communication skills by handling their own cases.

At Pacific Crest Equine we try to offer an internship that is balanced by healthy personal growth. Although interns participate with emergency duty after the mentoring period, it is in a rotational basis with senior clinicians. We offer a limited weekend schedule and allow for generous time for travel and extracurricular activities. A large, furnished apartment above the hospital is provided. Internships are salaried positions with benefits as well as paid CE and vacation.

We strongly encourage any applicant to the internship program to spend at least two weeks visiting the practice.  For more detailed information on this program please visit the AAEP Avenues page.

Please contact Dr. Taryn Holliday at [email protected] if you have any further questions regarding the internship position or to apply.

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